Sky Communal

Questions and Answers

Why can’t Sky install into my flat?
The simple answer is Sky doesn’t install into flats, so Grove Digital are your Sky approved installer when it comes to communal accommodation.

I live in a flat but don’t have a communal system, how do I get sky?
Here at Grove we strive to install at any property, even those that sky consider to be a non-standard installation. Call us for free advice on how we can get you up and running with Sky TV.

I live in a flat with a communal satellite system, how can I get sky?
Call us and we can arrange for one of our Specialist installers to get you connected.

Have you just moved in and are unsure about any of the above?
Not a problem, give us a call and we can go through a few questions that will give us a good indication what steps we can take to get you set up with Sky.

Can I get Sky phone and broadband services in a flat?
Yes, we are able to place phone and broadband orders alongside Sky TV.

Do you charge more than sky?
No, you are purchasing Sky so all the packages and offers are the same, we handle the installation of your equipment. Sky do have set parameters for what is considered a standard installation, if your installation should fall outside of these parameters there may be a small additional cost for additional parts.